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Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez

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Sanchez, Alex. Rainbow Boys. New York: Simon & Shuster, 2001. Print.

  •            Abraham Lincoln Book Award Master List (IL)
  •           ALA Best Books For Young Adults
  •            Children's Literature Choice List

Three high school boys deal with coming out, their senior year of high school, and their plans for the future.

Jason loves his girlfriend Debra, but he can’t get boys off the brain. When he goes to the Rainbow Youth group meeting, he sees Kyle and Nelson from his high school. Great. He knew it was a mistake. Now everyone at school will know he’s – what, exactly? Jason isn’t even sure himself. Kyle couldn’t believe Jason, basketball superstar and his biggest crush, might be into guys. Does he even stand a chance? Nelson isn’t sure why seeing the way Kyle reacted to Jason is making him so emotional. Nelson and Kyle are gay, and they’re best friends, but it’s not like they’re in love with each other. Right?

Jason, Kyle, and Nelson take turns narrating chapters as they go through their senior year of high school, figure out who they are and who they love, and deal with coming out to their families and classmates. What will the future hold for these Rainbow Boys?

(Be sure to check out the back of the book for resources on starting a Gay-Straight Alliance, support lines, and sexual health.)

Teen perspective:
“[The book is] based on 3 teens who are my age, just starting to go to uni, having new life experiences, probably one of the most informative LGBTQ books I've read in the past.” – Sam, 17.

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