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Deliver Us From Evie by M.E. Kerr

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Kerr, M.E. Deliver Us From Evie. New York: HarperCollins, 1994. Print.

  •        National Council of Teachers of English Best Young Adult Novels of the '90s pick
  •       Best Book Honor award, Michigan Library Association, 1994
  •        Horn Book Fanfare Honor book, 1995
Set in 1990s small town Missouri, Deliver Us From Evie tells the story of Evie Burrman and her relationship with the daughter of the most prominent man in town, through the eyes of her younger brother, Parr.

Do you ever feel trapped? Like your responsibilities are holding you in a place you won’t ever be able to leave? Evie Burrman works on her family farm in Duffton, Missouri. She smokes like a chimney and can fix anything. She and her younger brother Parr know that at least one of them will have to stick around after graduation to run the farm. One day, Parr checks the mail to find a postcard to Evie from Patty Duff (daughter of the town-founding Duff family) that says “Here for the weekend with Margaret Leighton.…Wish you were her.” Parr wants his sister to be happy, and doesn’t really mind that she’s gay, but if she leaves, he’s trapped. When news of Evie and Patty’s relationship gets out (news travels fast in a small town), Patty’s father does everything he can with his wealth and power to keep the two of them apart. Will Evie (and Parr) make it off the farm and out of Duffton? Can Evie and Patty stay together despite Mr. Duff’s actions?

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