Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Teen Perspectives on LGBTQ Lit

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“I read queer lit because like all art, literature is a reflection of the consciousness of a culture. I enjoy queer art (including literature) because I can relate to it. Also, when I was younger and just coming out, it was comforting to see the LGBT community reflected in books. I knew that I wasn't alone.” – Kai, 17.

“What I like about LGBTQ books is that I can relate to how the main character is feeling.” – Maggie, 13.

“Many of them are homonormative-- portraying upper-middle class white characters (usually male). As a queer person of color, I don't often find much to relate to in YA LGBT lit as it currently exists. Also, many of the books in the genre are about coming out. Because most of the books are centered around homonormative characters, there usually isn't much diversity in the coming out story. The books become predictable. At present, I'm more interested in books that integrate LGBTQ characters without focusing solely on that particular aspect of the character's identity ("tokenizing," if you will). Most LGBTQ YA fiction does not take on this pursuit. Or if a book does, the LGBT characters are stereotypes, "sassy gay friend," or the "butch lesbian bro."” – Gabrielle, 18.

Gabrielle raises some good points! What are your criticisms of the LGBTQ genre? What's your perspective?

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